In early 2007, I was driving home. I was in the parking lot of my apartment complex. I was praying for a friend when I heard God say, “house, husband, job.” This was new very new to me. I was just learning to recognize the voice of the Lord. So, I questioned myself. Was that you Lord?  Did I hear correctly?  I sat on what I had heard for a while, but it burned within me. I was hesitant because I didn’t want anyone to thing I was crazy. Finally, I worked up the courage to talk to a dear friend Mama Kathy. I call her Mama Kathy because she is like a mother to me! I told her what I believed I had heard. She told me, “If God told you something, then you need to act like it’s about to happen!” I was so relieved that 1. She did NOT think I was crazy and 2. I had some direction. I went home and began to pack up my apartment! Slowly but surely, I began to gather boxes and supplies and started packing.

Let’s fast forward a little. I remember being at church. My pastor randomly walks up to me and says, “It’s about time to get you some property!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! He gave me the contact info to a local realtor, and told me to reach out. I called the realtor to begin the process. I was really excited! She referred me to her finance team, who reminded me that I had bad credit. As a result, my options would be limited. However, that didn’t deter me. We began to look at places. It was very exciting. My little brother, Russell, lived with me at the time. So, he unfortunately got to experience the full gambit of my emotions throughout the process. I’m not gonna lie. Some of the places we looked were ummmmm shall we say unsavory, but we continued on. The realtor was very nice and unusually determined.

Now mind you, I was in an apartment. My lease was due for renewal in January. They want to know months in advance if you plan to stay, but I was in a state of limbo. I couldn’t say yes because then I was bound for another year. I couldn’t say no because I had nowhere to go. The going rate for month to month tenancy was UNGODLY! I asked my pastor how to proceed and he told me to just hold off for a bit. So, I did, and we continued to look at properties. I had a dream. I remember it so vividly even to this day. I could see the outside of the home. The beige color of the brick and even the black make out of the numbers of the address. They were too foggy to see the actual numbers, but I could see where they were located on the house. I walked into the house. There were shiny hard wood floors, an open floor plan, and tall vaulted ceilings. I walked into the kitchen. I looked up and there was a friend waving to me from upstairs. There was a balcony on the 2nd floor where you could look down to the dining room where I stood. I remember how I felt in the dream. There was this ball of excitement in the pit of my stomach. My BFF Daylena came over on her jet ski. I was pumped because I’d never ridden one before. So, we hopped on the jet ski and rode them to her house. She must have been close because I walked back home. That’s how I got to see the outside of house-the beige colored brick and well -manicured yard. The dream ended with me trying to make out the address of the home.

Back to reality, months have passed. I have yet to inform my apartment complex of my decision. I asked my pastor how to proceed. He says to hold off a bit more. So, I do. We continue to look for places. At this point, the finance company was pretty much done with me because my credit is so bad. The situation was looking rather bleak. One day, while I asleep, my realtor called. She had found a place that she really wanted me to look at. She states that it may be a little out of my price range, but believes it is worth a look. So, I get up and head over to meet her. As soon as I turned into the neighborhood, I had no doubt that this place was out of my price range. She said maybe. Nah fam. Ain’t no maybe. The homes in this area I KNEW I could not afford! We pulled up to the house. It was familiar-beige colored brick, well- manicured lawn. I had seen this place before! We walk in to the house.  There were shiny hard wood floors, an open floor plan, and tall vaulted ceilings. I walked into the kitchen and looked right up to the area my friend had waved to me from in my dream! THIS WAS THE PLACE I HAD DREAMED ABOUT!!! I had this ball of excitement in the pit of my stomach! I couldn’t contain my excitement. This was my house!!! That excitement swiftly faded as I realized there was no way I could afford this house. My realtor gave me the asking price which was WELL out of my price range. That excitement quickly turned into disappointment as I thought, “why would she bring me to this place when she knew I couldn’t afford it.” I left questioning why God would show me this home in a dream and then allow me to see it in real life? What was the purpose? We ran the proposal by the finance company. They all but laughed.

According to them, this property was not even an option, but I just could not shake the feeling I had in that house. I just knew God was up to something. So, I told Him, “Ok God you know my credit is bad right? You also know my money short right? What gives?” In return, I kept getting reassurance.” Don’t worry don’t worry.” I kept going back throughout the process, ”Ok God you know my credit is bad right?” No joke guys and gals. My credit was jacked up, but that “knowing” did not dissipate. I got the distinct impression that whatever He was doing was going to be for HIS GLORY! I even remember telling Russell as much. Nevertheless, there I was with no money, no credit, and just a knowing that this was my house!

Fast forward to around late November or early December. I had gotten multiple notices from my apartment complex. If you don’t inform them of your decision, they charge you. At this point I had racked up well over $1000 in fees simply due to the fact that I had not notified them of my intentions. I went in to the office to “face the music”. I informed the office manager of my situation. She informed me of the charges and basically asked me to make a decision. Stay or go. I decided to inform them I would not be renewing my lease. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I could not commit to another year. Nor could I commit to paying an astronomical month to month tenancy rent. She said ok and took me towards the back to get the paperwork for me to sign and collect the fee. I kid you not! By the time we made from the front door to the back where her office was located, that women’s whole demeanor had change! She stopped mid step and said, “I don’t know what it is but I just don’t FEEL right about charging you all this money! I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll back date the paper work so it shows you having reported your decision. That way you don’t have to pay ANY OF THE FEES!” I could have fell out right then and there! I thanked her, signed the paperwork, and left without owing a dime!

My brother and I still needed a place to live. January was coming fast! We got a call from the realtor. The seller was willing to do a land contract. I had never even heard of a land contract before. So, we got all the paper work together. There was a meeting of the minds and the lawyers. A “mortgage” was calculated. I felt like I had been punched in the gut! You want me to pay HOW MUCH A MONTH!!! I knew I couldn’t afford it. I told God multiple times I couldn’t afford it. Over and over again He said, “for my glory”. So, for His glory, I signed on the dotted line.

The house would not be ready until February. So,I stayed with a friend, and my brother stayed with a friend of a friend. Neither of which were a cure for the current state of my finances. I still COULD NOT afford this house, and I reminded God of that fact-FREQUENTLY! “Ok God, you do know I can’t afford this house right?” I was swiftly reminded that a just few weeks ago I was reminding Him of the fact that I had bad credit and the finance company said I couldn’t have the house. I was also reminded of how He had erased a huge debt in a  matter of seconds, pertaining to the late fees at my apartment, proving that favor was indeed better than money! “For my glory,” is what He kept saying.

The month passed quickly! February 2008, I moved into my very first home. A home that God had allowed me to see in advance. My own personal sneak preview of HIS GOODNESS! However, my money was still funny. I was trying to wrap my mind and my checkbook around the mortgage. I was trying to be a good steward. I trying to pay tithes and manage the funds I was working with. The fact of the matter was the ends would not meet. However, I did NOT regret my decision. I was convinced that God was going to work this out.

April 2008, I got a promotion. Not just any promotion. A PROMOTION promotion!!!  A promotion that included about a $15,000 pay increase. In the blink of an eye, I went from keeping my head above water-making a way if you can (Good Times) To having more than enough to cover my bills. Once again, God had shown himself faithful!!! This emboldened me. I became more comfortable telling people what He had shown me, what He had said, and what He HAD DONE! I was even given the opportunity to testify at church. I told it all! Even though the husband had yet to materialize, I was confident that God would deliver. Afterall, if he was doing this for His Glory, that meant His reputation was on the line, and we know that God is faithful!

Fast forward to October 23 2010. Daylena and I were doing a late- night run to Denny’s. They had the maple syrup bacon sundae. Ya’ll IT’S DELICIOUS!!! She had a craving and I’m always down for snacks! So, we rolled out. We met a friend, John, there. He lived up the street, and he is also down the for the late- night snacks! John had a friend. His name was Marvin. He was an over the road truck driver. He’d been on the road for weeks, and he had just gotten back into town. It was his birthday. John invited him to join us. Let me tell you what I was wearing- a powder blue Eeyore Disney t shirt and some dingy jeans. It was not flattering in the least! I was in my late- night snack run gear, and it was built for maximum comfort. It was like 1am. I wasn’t checking for anybody and nobody was checking for me! Little did I know. I met my husband that night! He came in looking like he needed a hug lol. He kinda reminded me of a real- life Eeyore. He was quiet and had kind eyes. He asked John about me the next day. We went on a date shortly thereafter. On our second date he said, “you know I’m gonna marry you right?” Well he was right. He proposed in front of my church and we were married in December of 2011.

House, Husband, Job- just like GOD PROMISED! All a testament to the goodness and the faithfulness of a loving Father!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! The timing is all so important as well. Something he spoke in ‘07 came to full fruition on 2010/2011…and you were faithful. Too often we hear and expect to see shortly after. Thank you for keeping the faith, and showing us His Glory!

  2. These God moments are so awesome and thanks for sharing because it has encouraged me to follow through with everything God has spoken and speaking into my life. When we get to a place in our life that we can ignore the nay-sayers and just believe God, He has the opportunity to manifest so much in our lives.

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