For as long as I can remember, my mother would give the same answer every single time I went
to her with an issue. “Did you pray about it,” she would say. The time of day or night did not matter.
Neither did the severity, or lack thereof in the situation. Whenever I approached my mother with any
problem, from matters of money, relationship advice, heart break, or life in general, her response would
be the same. “Did you pray about it?” Sometimes I would take her advice and pray. Other times my own
lack of patience and understanding would get the best of me. It really used to drive me up the wall! I
remember questioning her in frustration. “Ma why do you always tell me to pray about it? I’m asking
you! You’re here and I’m asking for YOUR help!” I don’t recall ever getting an answer as to why she
would torture me in this fashion, and it wasn’t until I was well into my adult years that I figured it out.
She was trying to foster a habit. She was deliberately pointing me towards THE SOURCE! As a young
lady, one of the most valuable sources of strength, love, wisdom, (insert other fancy sounding nouns)
was my mother. She, staying true to character, was illustrating that there was another that was
stronger, wiser, and loved even more recklessly than she did! She wanted me to know that I could take
all the things that I was trying to unload on her, and take them to the Lord in prayer.
You see, now, prayer is my default position. Prayer is my lifeline. It’s literally how I get through
life. I understand the power of prayer. I have peace, love, and security because of my relationship with
the Lord. This was all due to the gentle, and often maddening, nudging of my praying mama! For this, I
am eternally grateful.

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