Deborah Ann Mays- a name that evokes all sorts of warm and fuzzies. She was my mama. She
was legit, one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Although I witnessed her walk through plenty of
situations in which she had every right to be, I rarely saw her get angry. She faced poverty and abuse but
was forever the optimist! I knew as a child that Mama was a praying woman. However, it wasn’t until
much later that I realized just how impactful her prayers were to everyone whom she encountered. The
prayers of the righteous REALLY DO availeth much!
We lost Mom a few years back. It was so sudden, but when she drew her last breath, she was
surrounded by family. I remember vividly. The doctors removed the endotracheal tube. She looked
around, wide-eyed, asking what was going on. I explained, as best as I could, what had transpired. This
was no time for tears. Mama needed an optimistic face! She listened as I pieced together an
explanation. Then, she said with relief, “Well thank God for Jesus Christ!” She closed her eyes, and a
short while later she was gone.
THAT ladies and gentlemen is LEGACY!!! What kind of relationship must one have with the Lord
in order for them to spend their very last breath praising HIM?!? I believe that they had an extremely
intimate relationship. I am of the opinion that He walked her through some things. Even unto death, I
believe He was there! While her dying breath was used with the intent to magnify His name, it also lit a
fire in me. I want to live like that. I want to LOVE like that! I want to be so secure in this type of love that
I would be willing to spend my last breath boasting of His goodness!

Question-What was your “light my fire” moment? Can you recall the time, place, or thing that
really sparked your flame for the things of God?

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  1. I like you, it was my momma. Who praised the Lord from the harshness of head and neck cancer until death. She wasn’t ready to go yet, and I suspect some battles and arguments with Jesus. Then she got a peace about it and the struggle was over. From living her life partying and drinking to being captured by the Lord. She never turned back to her old ways of life. She fell in love with Jesus and served him doing what ever He asked. She stood on the bad streets of Chicago praying for gang bangers and drug dealers. Who ever came by they heard God loves you by her and the group. Serving in her church as a usher for years and what ever capacity they asked.
    She is my hero, she is my role model she is my spark.

  2. Hi Andrea. I haven’t see you all in lots of years and I’m so happy and grateful to hear your walk and your mom’s walk with our Lord is/was strong. What an encouragement to read your testimony as well as to hear how your mom loved the Lord right up until the time she walked into His presence. I pray God will continue to bless you. If our paths don’t cross here on earth, I’ll look forward to catching up with you in heaven. May the Lord richly bless you.

    • Janet thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Mom really did it right, and she left such a rich legacy for all of her loved ones!

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